Bolga Baskets

Our Bolga baskets come from women's cooperatives in the rural villages surrounding Bolgatanga, Ghana; an area renowned for its basket weaving.

Our partner Dominic works with the cooperatives assisting in the training and development of their communities while following the Fair Trade Principles. Our baskets are made from an indigenous grass know as "elephant grass".


A favorite basket with its unique "pot" like shape. With a flexible pivot handle, this basket comes in two sizes, Large and Mini. A great addition to a basket collection these basket store many household items in style.

Our round market baskets are perfect for storing hats and mitts by the front door, magazines, yarn, and more! The round baskets come in 3 sizes, Large, Medium and Baby. A perfect gift idea for an expectant parent or house warming gift.

Our most popular basket due to its size and shape. This basket comes in 3 sizes, Large, Medium and Mini. They are versatile and make a great tote all year round. Perfect for shopping at your local market, taking to the library, or an evening out.